About SOS

About SOS

£3 billion cut to school budgets means Brighton and Hove schools will lose £14 million, leading to fewer teachers, fewer support staff, larger classes and reduced subject choice.

Heads and teachers have been protesting these cuts and the other damaging changes to our children’s education alone. Now parents are joining them. Together we will stand up for the best possible education for our children.

The Save Our Schools campaign so far

Since we launched our campaign in March 2017:

  • Banners were put up outside almost every school in Brighton and Hove highlighting the cuts that schools face
  • Over 1000 parents, teachers, heads and children from more than 40 schools in the city came together for the School Assembly mass protest to show the strength and breadth of the opposition to funding cuts
  • Children, parents, and MPs joined comedian Steve Coogan to deliver Messages In Bottles to Downing Street, highlighting what children love about their schools that is at risk if the cuts go ahead
  • School communities came together to put their arms around our schools to show our love for them and opposition to cuts
  • 16 school children from across Brighton and Hove had Tea with their MP at the Houses of Parliament
  • We helped put school funding on the political agenda!


What next?

We want to see per pupil funding to be protected in real terms and the funding cuts reversed in the Autumn budget. The Government has a weak majority and if we speak out now we can persuade them to change their plans.

We will continue to work with parents, teachers, heads and our local MPs to highlight the impact of proposed cuts and the strength of opposition to them. We will co-ordinate with other parent-led groups nationally and support the creation of parent led groups in other areas.

This is our chance to protect our children’s schools from death by a thousand cuts. Join us now.

How you can get involved in the Save Our Schools campaign:

Contact the Save Our School Co-ordinator at your school – speak to the headteacher at your school if you are not sure who the Co-ordinator is.
Take part in our actions in the real world and on social media 

Volunteer your skills and time by emailing us at saveourschoolsbh@gmail.com
If you are not in Brighton and Hove:

Write to your MP to express your concern about the cuts to education, ask him or her to raise your concerns with the Chancellor

Visit the www.schoolcuts.org to find out what is happening to schools in your area and share with other parents

Set up your own Save Our Schools group – we can help!

The Save Our Schools Pledge

We commit to working for a well-funded education system to prepare our children and our country to thrive in a positive, post-Brexit future

We agree with Save Our Schools that investing in education now is the only way to ensure our children will have the knowledge and understanding they need to become responsible citizens with the creative thinking, problem solving and other skills our fast-changing world requires.

We commit to taking action to:

  • Avoid the estimated £3 billion cuts which will mean fewer teachers, fewer support staff, larger classes and reduced subject choice

  • Introduce a fair funding formula which will help every child succeed and provides enough money to ensure that schools are properly supported

  • Reverse the 75% cut to local authority education services grant which supports school improvement and pupils with the greatest needs

Looking to the future, we commit to working with teachers, heads, education researchers and parents, to deliver a forward-looking education system that:

  • Provides high-quality, inclusive education for every child in their local community

  • Builds on the UK’s historic strengths in technology, sport and the creative arts

  • Values the mental health and well-being of our children, and those who teach them

Signed by

Caroline Lucas MP Pavilion(Green ), Peter Kyle MP Hove and Portslade and Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP Kemptown and Peacehaven (Labour),

Councillors: Cllr Warren Morgan, Leader of the Council LP, Cllr Peter Atkinson LP, Cllr Karen Barford LP, Cllr Daniel Chapman LP, Cllr Emma Daniel LP, Cllr Tom Druitt GP, Cllr Amanda Knight GP, Cllr Tracey Hill LP, Cllr Alex Phillips GP, Cllr Gill Mitchell LP, Cllr Phelim Mac Cafferty GP, Cllr Caroline Penn LP, Cllr Dick Page GP, Cllr Ollie Sykes GP, Cllr Daniel Yates LP