General Election 2019: Keep education funding on the political agenda

Parents STILL fighting for proper school funding
Show you value education by putting a poster in your window

The General Election on 12 December 2019 is our biggest ever opportunity to hold politicians to account and put the school funding crisis at the top of the political agenda.    Show all political candidates that you value education by putting one of our hard-hitting posters in your window.

The school funding crisis is ongoing and, for many schools, it’s about to get worse.      After years of cuts,  our schools cannot afford any more empty promises or short-term fixes.     Our schools need funding NOW.


Facts about school funding:

  • 83% of schools will still lose out next year because of government cuts
  • Over 16,000 schools will have less money per pupil in 2020 than they had in 2015
  • Right now, up to 8,587 children and young people with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) have no access to any type of educational provision.
  • By 2023, schools will still be £3.6 billion short of what they need to provide a good education for all pupils
  • The £7 billion promised by the current government will not come close to restoring school funding to 2010 levels

If a general election is called, let’s make sure all political  parties know that our schools need funding NOW!     Don’t hide behind the sofa when the canvassers ring! Let them know you care and  challenge their pledges.

Keep  the pressure on so political parties’ promises turn into proper funding.

Print one of our hard-hitting posters NOW! 

Choose your fave from the selection below:


Poster- backing our schools gets my vote - Save our schools - fund our future
During the local election campaign, show canvassers from all parties what you care about.

Ballot box in yellow
Ballot box (b/w printer friendly)

Printed versions will be distributed at schools around the city.  If you would like a print copy, or would be willing to give them out outside your school, please email us at .