No money for basic communication

Parents at our school had been very happy at the recently introduced text alert system. It was a neat way of receiving messages from school, directly from the teacher or about events happening at school. Great! No more problems such as missing crucial information because your 4/5/6 year old had somehow lost the letter. Information flowed quickly and directly. It was more inclusive than using email or facebook, as most people have a mobile phone on them most of the time, but not everyone uses social media or email all the time.

Fast forward six months later and the school discovered that the texting system is not something they can afford. Text information flow has stopped immediately, and we are back to the ‘dark ages’ of letters and posters. Oh and did I tell you that at the same school use of paper, pens or the photocopier have been rationed for a while now? What kind of world do we live in? This is preposterous.