Show your support for schools: put a poster in your window

Poster- backing our schools gets my vote - Save our schools - fund our future
Show you care: download one of  our hard-hitting posters – see below!

The school funding crisis is ongoing. Brighton and Hove schools lost more than £15 million between 2015 and 2019 and our children are feeling the impact.

Local elections will take place on May 2. Make sure canvassers know you care about education and challenge them on their actions.

Even though decisions about funding are not made at a local level, political parties want to know what voters care about. Your message that you are concerned about school funding WILL be fed back to the national level.

Print one of our hard-hitting posters NOW! 

Choose your fave from the selection below (ours is definitely ballot box!)

Ballot box in yellow
Ballot box (b/w printer friendly)
I am a parent and I am STILL angry (pink)
I am a parent and I am STILL angry (b/w printer friendly)
SOS stars to colour in 
SOS stars in yellow

Printed versions will be distributed at schools around the city.  If you would like a print copy, or would be willing to give them out outside your school, please email us at .